Celexon HomeCinema projection screen 2.79 m (110") 16:9

by Celexon
Celexon Celexon HomeCinema projection screen 2.79 m (110") 16:9
Celexon - Celexon HomeCinema projection screen 2.79 m (110") 16:9




We have developed our celexon HomeCinema Tension Dynamic Slate ALR screen for all cinephiles and home cinema lovers. We have placed just as much emphasis on functional components and useful features as on an elegant design, the use of high-quality materials and an excellent price/performance ratio. Projection screen fabric - the sensation of our Dynamic Slate high-contrast screen fabric The perfect home cinema experience within your own four walls can be quickly clouded or faded by residual light in the room or light reflections from white room walls. Our ALR 0.8 Gain high-contrast "Dynamic Slate" fabric can help here. It successfully filters out disturbing stray light and focuses the projection light on the audience without distorting colours. The perceptible image contrast increases many times over. Our Dynamic Slate high-contrast screen fabric was specially developed to optimise the contrast value, even in low light conditions. You can say goodbye to typical "wash-out effects" or "grey haze" even at low dimming. The Dynamic Slate ALR with its 0.8 Gain is deliberately designed to be neutral and reproduces the projected image faithfully. Disturbing glitter effects and the resulting hot spots are actively avoided with this fabric. The contrast fabric was developed with an extremely fine surface structure and is already 8K suitable and almost 100% colour neutral in reproduction. The Edge-Free (= no black masking) design allows a flexible application of different formats on one cloth. In addition, the projected image can be aligned up to the edge of the fabric, so that a large image that seems to float almost freely in space is within reach... The Dynamic Slate also brings out white tones very well - this is not the norm with other high-contrast screens. This means that HDR content is now also more noticeable and is particularly effective on our Dynamic Slate fabric. The particularly fine surface structure displays even 8K content with pixel accuracy without any problems, current 4K content is easy for you and you are equipped very future-proof. With celexon's new Dynamic Slate you get a high-contrast fabric on which you can project pin-sharp, homogeneous, high-contrast images even under residual light with outstanding white tones. Let yourself be inspired by new, undreamt-of image quality, especially with your existing projector!


The built-in, dimensionally stable winding shaft effectively prevents image interfering streaks. In addition, the heavy weighted bar and lateral rope tensioning system (Tension System), ensures optimum flatness and effectively prevents "dog-ears" in the projection area. Adjustment screws integrated into the side caps of the weighted bar allow the tension system to be retightened as required.


- We supply our dynamic Slate ALR Tension screen with a wide range of accessories, it can be controlled in many ways straight ‘out of the box’:
- Using the included radio or infrared remote control you can conveniently control you screen from a distance
- When connected using a 12v trigger cable you can control your screen easily and conveniently when your projector turns on or off.
- Professional integration via RS485 protocol or potential-free contacts for control via media control systems or SmartHome is also possible.


The extruded aluminium housing in the shapely "drop design" fits elegantly into modern living environments. It is painted white including white side caps and white weighted bar. This means that it remains discreetly attached to white ceilings and does not disturb the living ambience, especially when retracted.


The HomeCinema Electric screen Tension - ALR can be installed safely, easily and quickly. The dimensionally stable aluminium tube is attached with two freely positionable mounting brackets, which are suitable for ceiling or wall mounting. The mounting brackets can be positioned freely along the housing according to on-site requirements. Alternatively, the screen can also be mounted "hanging" on e.g. chains (not included in the box) using the enclosed ring eyelets.


Grey, White
110 in
2 years


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